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Hey hunters, w’re really excited to announce that we’ve been working away on a new SAFARI HUNT feature, and we’re almost done! Here’s how it will work:

  • Players will compete for Safari Trophies on a new global leaderboard
  • Each area of the map will get a special Safari entrance. When a Safari is active in an area, you can click on this new location.
  • One Safari will be active at a time, usually only lasting a few hours of the day.
  • When you enter a Safari, you play 5 hunts and 1 minigame. Your cumulative score for all these hunts will represent your Safari score.
  • Based on your Safari score, you will earn rewards, including jugs, cash, and special unlocks, like gun paint jobs and upgrades.
  • Your Safari score will also rank you vs. everyone else who has played the active safari. Based on the final scores for each Safari, all competitors will earn from 10 to 200 Safari Trophies.
  • You can keep replaying a Safari as many times as you like, only your best score matters.

In the next couple of weeks, we will launch SAFARI HUNTS on the Facebook Web version of the game, and make sure it’s working well. The Google Play and IOS versions will come out a few weeks after, once we are certain everything is going smoothly.

Thanks for your support, and Happy Hunting!