About Flashman Games

Flashman Games is an indie games publishing label focused on publishing games for mobile, social, PC, and console digital download. We publish our own games and have been partnering with indie developers around the world to help make their vision a reality for the last 15 years. We know and recognize the hard work and sacrifice you as an independent developer put in to creating your IP and building your company. Our business model ensures you keep ownership of your IP.

Let our crew of industry veterans use their world class sales, marketing, business skills, and life-long passion for games and the game industry to help with the daunting task of bringing your title to market.

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Business Development: Flashman has relationships with first party, hardware companies, and other third parties that ensure the commercial success of our partners’ games.

Distribution: We have fostered close partnerships with distributors and publishers globally so our development partners can find consumers around the world.

Marketing: The market is full of serious competition. We have decades of experience launching games through compelling brand strategies to stand out in today’s competitive and crowded playing field.

PR/Social Media: At Flashman we have decades of PR experience and can help build and engage users through social media, traditional media, and influencer outreach.

Licensing: We’ve worked with some of the top entertainment brands in the industry, including: Star Wars, Family Guy, and Ghostbusters to name a few. We understand when and how to license brands for games to create winning combinations.


Brad Young (Founder/CEO)

Brad has been working with game developers for over 15 years and brings a wealth of strategy, business development, licensing, and marketing experience to Flashman Games. He has been involved with bringing over 200 titles to market on all platforms, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Having founded and managed the growth of four companies, he understands how to take small to medium-sized game studios to the next level.

Corey Fong (Director of Marketing)

Corey brings a unique perspective to game marketing. After over 15 years of working for some of the top publishers in the industry like Ubisoft, 2K Games, and Red Octane (where he launched the pop culture phenomenon, Guitar Hero). Corey creates strategic product marketing plans that deliver PR, cross-marketing, social media, and consumer acquisition to drive the success of our games in the market.

Tony Pereira (Director Business Development)

Tony is an industry veteran with over two decades of experience under his belt. Tony managed business development, developer relations, and product acquisition Capcom. He ran his own video game retail store and served as the buyer for a major video game retail chain. Tony leverages his extensive relationships spanning the game industry to ensure our games generate maximum revenue.

Erik Harshman (Executive Producer)

Erik started in the games industry in 1993. He has worked in production with a number of publishers, including Virgin Interactive, Namco, Hasbro/Atari, Vivendi Universal, Infospace, Cheyenne Mountain, and Pinger. His speciality is finding the core magic in games and identifying the perfect monetization for each one.

Diamond Fischer (Director Social Media Marketing)

Diamond is a marketing and content specialist with over ten years of new media experience. She has worked on social media strategy, community, PR, and advertising for companies like Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Nokia. She has also worked with indie game developers to launch and market their games on mobile and PC. Social media and community around games are an integral part of any game we do at Flashman.

Tim Lewis (Director of Revenue)

Tim is a veteran of the technology industry with over 20 years of domestic and international experience in sales and business development. His experience spans games, multimedia, graphics, mobile, and enterprise software. Tim’s ensures that no partnership opportunity is missed that every game published by Flashman reaches its full distribution potential.