Stickwars 2

Warning: Many stick figures were brutally harmed during the making of this game.

Flick It & Stick It to Evil King Maelnik’s Mostly Undead Army!

The Great Stickwars continues to rage on in this sequel to #1 Castle Defense Game.

Pushed over the brink of war by King Otto’s instance that good is better than evil, Dark Lord King Maelnik, King Otto’s sworn enemy and stickball buddy, is laying siege to King Otto’s gleaming fortress. You are valiant King Otto, defender of good, hater of all things evil, and lover of all things sweet and cuddly. Take up lighting fast, finger-flinging action, unleash powerful elemental spells, turn captured enemies into special weapns of stickwar, and use cunning strategy to reign down stick-killing destruction onto King Maelnik’s evil forces. The fate of all Stickdom rests in your finger.

Stick Killing never felt so good.

Game Features

  • Sticks of War – Use all your strategic might through 20 new levels of stick-killing mayhem.
  • Spells Fit for a Stick King – Command the elements to cast nine devastating wind, lightning, and ice spells¬†with an all-new spellbook.
  • Finger Flinging Action – Fling your way to victory against Zombies and all-new armies of deadly enemies like Doom Dogs
  • Special Forces – Use captured mostly undead enemies to unleash epic powers like Rain of Arrows or the blistering Flame Thrower.
  • Growing Fortress – King Otto’s castle walls get bigger as you get more powerful.
  • Power Ups – Get free extras to help conquer your enemies
  • Game Center achievements – Tons of bug fixes and performance enhancements
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