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Super Comboman: Smash Edition Coming Soon

scmcomingsoonWe’re huge fans of beat-em-ups and saw a lot of potential in Super Comboman and the team at Interabang. We had a feeling that we weren’t the only ones, Super Comboman was successfully funded by fans afterall. So, Flashman and Interabang have teamed up to build a new life for Struggles in, Super Comboman: Smash Edition. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

But Flashman, I’m new to the Super Combo world, who is Super Comboman? Only the greatest comic book hero of all time. The game’s main character, Struggles, has every edition that’s ever been printed.

And who is Struggles? Struggles is a mullet rocking, hard working guy. He’s doing his best to take care of his little brother, but the bills are stacking up. Struggles heads down to the local construction site and tries to get some extra work, the only way he knows how, Super Combo Style.

This super crispy, super sweet new edition of Super Comboman will be available for PlayStation, Xbox, and of course, Steam. Early fans, don’t worry, if you already purchased Super Comboman, you’ll get this next generation action for free!

Check out what we have in store for you:
Enhanced Levels
– New environment art and design that brings the Super Comboman world to life
– Level design adjustments that include more exciting player paths and puzzles

Rebalanced Enemies
– Brand new boss encounters, with fresh A.I. and gut punching special moves
– Retuned enemy combat that adds both personality and a challenge to every stage

A Hero reborn
– Obliterate your adversaries with all new combo animations and moves.
– Retuned combat system allows Struggles to smash enemies through the environment with improved attack timing
– Use jiggles, juggles, and jabs to bust out satisfyingly smooth custom combos in ways not possible before
– Clothesline those pesky up close enemies with spinning lariat, or keep the combo count going with Fire Uppercut and other various special moves found in Struggles’ combo arsenal

Thanks for checking the game out, we hope you love it!
The Flashman and Interabang teams