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The 2015 Big Buck Hunter World Championships

Grab your gun (and your drink) if you want to come out to the Big Buck World Championships! This weekend the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago was taken over by Buck Hunters seeking glory, and we were there to see it all. 2015 marked the return to Chicago, as well as the return of Sarah Spain. We were there giving away Nerf shot guns and telling people about Big Buck Hunter: Outdoor Adventures for Facebook and mobile.

Friday was dedicated to the Ladies a tourney and awarding the Jugs of Destiny. The Moosehead Lager was already flowing when the hosts made their entrances as DJs played from above the bar and fog machines shot beams of smoke into the air. The Ladies Tourney came down to two past champions, Melinda Van Hoomissen and Sara Erlandson. After going two full rounds, Erlandson was able to defend her title.

By noon on day two there was already a line of players ready to register. The 2014 champion descended the stairs with Pappy’s Jug held high. Hailing from St. Louis, he walked out to Nelly’s, “Country Grammar” and his entourage wore in matching Team 314 shirts (signifying the St. Louis area code). A squad of six Big Buck girls followed behind him handing out Old Wisconsin bloody Marys. And that’s just how the event started.

Throughout the day Moosehead Lager gave away everything from folding chairs to a kayak. Our Big Buck Hunter: Outdoor Adventure Nerf guns were being shot in the air like confetti, which may have been because of the countless cups of Old Wisconsin bloody Marys and Moosehead Lager that were poured. The 64 players were narrowed down to two through double elimination. After six hours and 125 match ups, it was down to the final two competitors. The 2013 champion, Trevor Gartner and defending champion, Derek Tower were up. No matter who won, history was going to be made with the first two time champion being named.

Apparently, it just wasn’t St. Louis’ year for October championships (sorry Cardinals). Gartner came out victorious, even though his team had too many drinks to understand the victory had even passed until confetti dropped from the ceiling and Gartner was waving the check for $15,000 over his head. Gartner wasn’t the only winner, the prize pool totaled $75,000 and every participant walked away with something. While hundreds watched in person there were over 200k views to the Twitch livestream. The Big Buck team know how to throw a party, and Buck Hunters know how to have a good time.

Big Buck Hunter: Outdoor Adventure is already available on Facebook and will be available for iOS and Android in November. Happy hunting!